Who is Brooke Kinley?

Journalist. Adventurer.
Sister. Outdoorswoman.

Brooke Kinley is as happy running rapids in the Canadian wilderness as she is asking difficult questions at the Pentagon. Patriot is her first adventure.

Extract from Patriot:

“Despite being five foot nine, Brooke was slightly built. But her delicate frame and slender legs belied a level of fitness – and toughness – that made her an accomplished canoeist, skier and outdoorswoman. Her deep green eyes did little to mask a striking intelligence and more than a dash of single-mindedness.

Brooke Kinley worked as a staff reporter on the Daily Post. None too exalted a position, particularly given her education – a straight GPA of 4.0 followed her right through her own days at GWU – but she had carved something of a comfortable niche out for herself at the Post, her second newspaper since her graduation some twelve years ago. Brooke took on whatever story was available, like the other reporters, but Denzel Hudson, her editor, was sometimes happy to let her take a few left-field, longer-range investigations too, which usually paid off. She had a feeling this might be one of them….”


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