It’s here! HEROINE

It’s here!  HEROINE is a prequel novella to the bestselling full-length thriller PATRIOT.  Brooke Kinley is a young woman about to leave for college in Washington D.C.  While out paddling on her home waters of Minnesota, Brooke rescues a kidnapped Russian child. But will the price of Brooke‘s heroism be her own life?
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Yes, it’s finally here, the next Brooke Kinley Adventure! Or, should I say the first Brooke Kinley Adventure, since HEROINE is in fact a short(ish) prequel to PATRIOT, in which we meet Brooke as a young woman, just about to leave her wilderness home in Minnesota for the big smoke of Washington D.C.Here’s quick summary of what it’s all about:
 While paddling in their canoe in northern Minnesota, Brooke and her brother rescue a trafficked Russian child. But will the price of Brooke’s heroism be her own life? 
HEROINE is an action-packed novella that will appeal to anyone who enjoys adventure, mystery or crime, as well as Brooke’s many fans! PLUS, if any readers sign up to my mailing list before the release date, you will receive a FREE copy of the book  (just remember to leave a review somewhere if you like it!)
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Well, it’s been a busy year in Brooke Kinley world, with our heroine’s first outing in ‘Patriot’ hitting the #1 spot  on Amazon charts in the UK and the USA earlier this year. While happy readers are the most important (and some might say only) form of acclaim a book needs, it was nice to also be named as a ‘Finalist’ at the Next Generation Indie Books Awards, 2015.

Movie fans who think Brooke deserves to be on the silver screen should check out ‘Patriot’s listing on The If List where you can add your own ideas about who should play Brooke, Dex or Scott should a movie ever be made!

If you’ve been a fan of Brooke Kinley since her first appearance last year, then you don’t have to wait much longer for her next adventure!  A new novella is due for release really, really soon. The best news is that, as confirmed fans of Brooke’s adventures, all mailing list subscribers will receive an advance copy of this ‘short’ for free.

A new, full-length adventure is also scheduled for 2016, so watch this space for updates!


Have you ever read a novel and thought it would be great to see it on the silver screen? Lots of Patriot’s readers have and now you can join them in casting your dream actors, or even ideal director for the movie! Patriot is now listed on The Imagine Film List, which is the world’s largest online platform for movie ideas and dream casting.

It allows anyone – whether in the entertainment industry or not – to share their ideas for future films and TV shows and then receive feedback from users around the world. There are great tools to visualize any book as a movie, propose your dream cast, and nominate filmmakers to bring the story to life on screen. Proposals that receive the most support from the global community are ranked at the top of The IF List; the best position to attract the attention of producers, casting directors, celebrities and others who have the power to turn your ideas into reality. Visit Patriot’s page here:


The thriller ‘PATRIOT’ has today been recognised as a finalist in the ‘action adventure’ category of the Next Generation Book Awards. The Awards were established to honour the most exceptional independently published books of the year and entry is open to all independent publishing companies, university presses and indie authors.The Indie Awards are a global competition, presented by the Independent Book Publishing Professional Group (, in association with the Allen O’Shea Literary Agency of New York (

How I Used Topical Events in my Novel ‘Patriot: A Brooke Kinley Adventure’ by A.S. Bond

Alex in LabradorThe idea of putting real events into a novel of any genre can produce different responses in writers. Some might say ‘isn’t that a cop-out?’ Or ‘won’t that date my story?’ Well, not only did I build my bestselling thriller ‘Patriot’ around a real event in the future, but I also used debate about that event to inform my plot, the actions of my characters and ultimately many of the ideas within the story.

This event is the planned drawdown of US troops from Afghanistan in 2016. Not only is that due to happen almost three years after the publication of ‘Patriot’, the discussion about this on news networks throughout that time is keeping the subject of my book topical in people’s – and therefore potential readers’ – minds.

But I didn’t stop there. I also used other ‘real’ things that happen periodically, such as solar flares affecting telecommunications, or the hijacking of private motor yachts by Somali pirates. These happen more than once, so they don’t really date (unless 50 years from now, there are no Somali pirates!)

Using topical news in your book can also be kept fresh by keeping the themes big. The main theme in Patriot is terrorism; something that has been with us since the dawn of civilised society, but which is certainly recognizable to most people from the 1970’s onwards in particular. This allows readers to connect to the your story at a much deeper level; they sub-consciously drawn on a well of knowledge and put it in context for themselves.

Maybe readers have their own opinions about those events, too. The role of the US and her allies in Afghanistan has been the subject of much debate over the past few years. Giving this topic its own role in your book can create fresh ways of approaching the debate, it can also be thought provoking, without being dry or even taking a particular point of view. My heroine, Brooke, gets in so many scrapes there isn’t much time for the readers to draw breath, let alone ponder issues of geo-political significance. But, maybe after the book is finished, there is more to reflect on, as some reviewers have commented.

Ultimately, it takes skill and substantial amounts of research to incorporate real events into a novel. I hope that I’ve shown in Patriot how it can be done without falling into any bear-traps (although there is an actual bear in the story) and hopefully, kept my novel both fresh and engaging.